Sunday, 24 January 2010

Norman Lamb MP Calls for Public Inquiry into Gosport Memorial Hospital

Norman Lamb MP of the Liberal Democrats has called for a Public Inquiry into the sham treatment received by the victims and their relatives of Gosport Memorial Hospital. Jane Barton's future should be sealed by the General Medical Council. 51 days later, the General Medical Council are still deciding on what to do. Public interest appears to be balanced between the dead and the pitiful defences put forward by Dr Jane Barton's barrister Mr Langdale. There should not be any problem with striking Jane Barton off the Register due to the example set by the GMC . These are the examples.

1. GMC v Gopakumar - An innocent doctor struck off due to inappropriate examination of a patient".
2. GMC v Varma - Junior doctor struck off one year after qualification for minor application form problems during a time he wasn't even registered with the GMC.
3. GMC v Satya - Junior doctor struck off one year after qualification for a minor issue with his UCAS form.
4. GMC v Vaidya - Consultant struck off due to "attitudinal problem". No patient concerns.

These are just a few minor issues that have engaged the striking off process. In each of the above cases, the GMC took a few days to decide. They had absolutely no problems in striking off the above doctors. In the meantime, Dr Jane Barton has enjoyed a lax interim sanction despite effecting the end of many lives.

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