Saturday, 6 February 2010


(click on the paragraph above to read more about psychology of scapegoating)

Today in countries where human violence is regulated by law, intimidation and harassment may arrive on written paper, especially for professionals. The written content of scapegoating material is of such low quality that the best use of such paper is to make it into toilet paper.

Now Japanese have finally made it come true for the rest of the world. Click on the link below to watch the video of the White Goat:

I guess, our regulatory authrities could make a good use of it. In fact, there might be a family size one produced soon for every home to have one. No need to guess why.
Maybe, there will be a reduction in the price of toilet paper after elections in many countries, as the demand drops and production increases when wild shredding starts taking place.

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Anonymous said...

A regulatory body comes to mind

Hark - The General Medical Council. Scapegoating everyone to cover up for their own deficiencies.