Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lesson1: Teaching the Compare and Contrast Essay Modeling Dr Wendy Chapman and Dr Peter Jefferys

Photograph by Ray Willmott, Daily Telegraph

Here is Dr Wendy Chapman. medical doctor, who was found guilty of serious professional misconduct by the General Medical Council, (GMC) UK for cutting the lip of Mr Tom Williams, a Harlequins rugby player to cover up for his faked blood injury.

She was suspended for one year by GMC, now reinstated with conclusion that her fitness to practice is no longer impaired and that she did what she did because she was severely depressed. Well, dishonesty is not considered a symptom of depression although, of course, people with low self-esteem do lie, as well as those whose character can be described as immature.

GMC can be very partial to dishonest doctors. One of those is Dr Peter Jefferys, a veteran Expert Witness, well known for making false allegations against professionals, preferably women and, I would guess, not that fond of those who have come from the minority ethnic group judging by his work on Section 12(2) Approval Criteria for NHS London.

Unlike Dr Chapman who cut the man who wanted to be cut, Dr Peter Jefferys persecuted people who did not want to be persecuted. He contributed, by his faulty decision making to serious harm to patients (including one death by suicide in a detained patient when he unfairly sacked patients' consultant).

GMC did not suspend Dr Peter Jefferys and did not investigate him, and did not expect him to declare himself mad in order to escape the consequences of his abuse of power. GMC gave him the job to sit on Fitness to Practice Panels judging other doctors. GMC pays him even today.

So, little children, for your homework compare and contrast the treatment of these two doctors to answer this question:

1. When does honesty matter?

2. Does it really matter overall for anyone?

3. Why was the character of Pinocchio made in the form of a puppet? Why made out of wood? Why was Pinocchio, which means pine nut given that name and not walnut? Compare a pine nut with a walnut.
4. Who plays with puppets?
Extra homework for the talented:
Why was Mr Stephen Brennan, physiotherapist struck off? He did not cut anyone, but provided fake blood capsules over the years for Harlequins players. He was struck off by Health Professions Council.

That is the end of lesson 1.


Anonymous said...

Moral of the story: Health Professions Council better than the GMC. At least it is consistent.
So we should press to abolish the GMC and merge it with the HPC?
Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Brennan admitted to his part in five separate episodes.
In such an environment other people are more likely to lie as they have seen others get away with it.
I think there is a book with a title: "The truth about lying."
People who are attractive can get away with lying more easily.
Do good looks give confidence to lie easily?

Anonymous said...

Well, Brennan case was a high profile case and HPC used that as a reason for punishment they gave.
Self regulation does not work.