Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pope's historic visit and Tartan Knickers designed by Prince Phillip

On this lovely day, Prince Phillip designed, at least, in his mind new Pope tartan knickers. He asked a female politician if there were knickers in the same tartan. What a brilliant commercial idea. Prince Phillip is totally wasted in his current abode. I think, he would make a great marketing man! He is already recognized as talented artist and read here about his design prize which has been going on for some time.
He must have been so bored at yet another ceremony today (16-9-2010) when during Pope's visit to Scotland, a new Pope tartan was presented to a Vatican official.
Prince Phillip has the brains this country does not appreciate.
He is the only member of the Establishment who made me think what may or may not be worn as underwear at some Vatican Party. Historically, Vatican is well known for some of the wildest parties.
As far as I know, this Pope visit was not something the Queen asked for, but was forced by the previous Prime Minister, Mr Anthony Blair. He was a secret Catholic during his premiership just like many other people in British institutions who prospered during his time.
There have been provocative actions and statements by the religious lot during Mr Blair's years which led to persecution of doctors, for example, on some scale before the General Medical Council. Doctors' fees paid for it and the money for the fees came from the tax payers as most doctors work in state institutions and subscribe to the politics of the day.
There are now about one million men raped by clergy world-wide and the British Establishment cannot face up to it yet. In British state and religious institutions religious uniforms can be worn when working with mentally ill some of whom would have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and would react badly to reminders of trauma such as religious clothing. Men raped by clergy can experience panic attacks characterized by palpitations, shortness of breath, fear of going mad, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms when encountering the reminders of trauma (religious uniforms are reminders). Those who experience panic attacks have twice as high risk of myocardial infarction. Yes, it is a real Health and Safety issue.
Vatican covered up for the child abuse on large scale and we know it.
This Utube music video is not in English. but I think it is something to do with how men feel about child abuse at the hands of clergy. Good music rhythm.
Canon lawyer Thomas Doyle was sacked for his criticism of the Vatican Law Crimen Solicationis. which ordered clergy to keep the crimes secret and raped children were threatened with excommunications.
When I raised the issue of the wearing of religious uniforms when working with mentally ill, General Medical Council had Profesor Catto (Catholic name) as President who just hushed the whole thing up and certainly did not refer it to any Ethics committee.
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