Thursday, 15 December 2011

Revalidation of doctors and psychopathy by Dr Helen Bright

General Medical Council which regulates medical profession in United Kingdom is still following faulty path called Revalidation of Doctors. It allows anonymous professional assassinations of doctors because the procedures allow anonymous marking of doctors by any unqualified person.
There are some scientific studies which showed that those who went to study medicine were much more likely to be conformist and that after qualifying their conformity got worse i. e. it increased. If this is the case then it is unlikely that doctors would not keep up to date their skills. There are reasonable means to check on this if GMC wanted just that.
Revalidation was sold to the punters as means to ensure that doctors keep up to date. However, GMC is not happy with doctors continuous learning and proofs of such but now wants everybody to love everybody but without exchange of any fluids. i.e. GMC is, sadly, not openly looking for personal attractiveness but so called 360 degrees appraisals and much similar nonsense. Imagine psychiatrists and psychopaths marking them. Of course, there are many psychopaths in NHS (at least 1%) who do not have a single psychiatric diagnosis but are found amongst staff. If there are about over 1.4 million staff working in NHS that would mean at least 14 000 psychopaths amongst them. As psychopaths are superficially charming it can even be argued that revalidation process may increase their numbers because it would be selecting those who are good manipulators of others.
Read a bit HERE about social psychopaths. And Here.
Revalidation is about installing fear into doctors the majority of whom work for the state run National Health Service and where they are expected to keep silent and forget about theirs and their patients human rights when state requires it. Those doctors who really care about patients can become the targets of aggression both by staff and sometimes even their patients or their relatives who lack the same degree of empathy, for example. Let's face it we are not all the same and excellent doctors can be irritating to some staff because of the demands for higher standards, for example. Highly productive individuals can be removed by the mob too.
Click HERE to read more about psychological studies of conformity and HERE about 360 degrees appraisals. Yes, human nature is a bit frightening.
Many doctors may not know of Stokholm Syndrome and if they are affected by it. Working for NHS can be abusive to doctors and it is a bit like being held captive. Have doctors developed excessive attachment to their captors and will they go along with anything?
I hope that 360 appraisals would be used for nothing more than entertaining reading during coffee breaks - a bit like reading horrorscopes, I mean, horoscopes.

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