Sunday, 29 April 2012

Provoked dentist pulls out all of her ex-lover's teeth

Dentist, Anna Mackowiak (34) was rejected by her boyfriend, Marek Olszewski (45).
Amazingly, he then came to his ex-girlfriend Anna Mackowiak surgery for dental treatment because he had a bit of a headache. She gave him an anesthetic and then she proceeded to pull all his teeth out. She bandaged him well and sent him off home warning him he would need specialist care as there were complications. When he could not feel his teeth she told him this was because of the anaesthetic. Once at home he discovered the truth and used a lot of swearing none of which led to any improvement in his dental condition..

New girlfriend left him because she could not cope with a man without teeth. What about not being able to cope with an ex-girlfriend like Anna Mackowiak?

Now dentist Anna Makowiack has to endure disciplinary proceedings. We hope her regulator would take into account mitigating circumstances:

1. She was provoked beyond endurance. Not only did the man leave her but he also came to her so she could make him more attractive to his new girlfriend. He had toothache and probably this was due to rotting teeth which do have bad odor.

2. He took her for granted and came to his ex-girlfriend expecting her to serve him as presumably she did before. This man does not respect the boundaries and ended being a victim as well as victimizing his girlfriend.

3. It is not advisable to be treated by the person you have just harmed. There are limits to what any human being can endure.

4. There is great deal of energy in anger.

5. Here is the quote from Cato:  An angry man opens his mouth and shuts his eyes.

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