Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Vendetta on Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell

Predictably, Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell has been attacked and we wonder if Care Quality Commission Chairman (CQC)  Sir Ian Kennedy is behind it.

Sir Ian Kennedy has something to do with Members' of Parliament expenses. He was also working for nine years at the General Medical Council (GMC) where he did not oppose persecution of medical whistleblowers, and persecution of doctors in private practice by CQCor GMC who did not even know who should be registered with CQC and who not. Sir Ian Kennedy supported anti-competitive policies by his silence. EU Treaty favors competition.

Now that Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell has been chairing Parliamentary Health Select Committee with success this inevitably led to exposure of past failures by both GMC and CQC.

Of course, it is not possible to run two homes as an MP without assistance with expenses. Parliament is in London and many MPs have homes outside. It is reasonable to be able to claim rent for accommodation in London. In the case of Stephen Dorrell like in many others over the years their one little one bedroom flat could hardly meet the needs for a family home. Many people find that they can purchase larger homes in provinces.

Rt. Hon. Stephen Dorrell has broken no laws. Please, click on the photograph to read more in Telegraph.

In order to make sure that any targeting of any particular politicians is not obvious one can release data for a number of individuals who are not targets. Comparative data is used to show, for example, discrimination.

There are varous schemes of sell and rent back. Here is just one example:

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