Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Elderly and cold

In United Kingdom (UK), a rich country, many elderly people are left struggling to pay their heating bills. Some try to save but end up ill. It is estimated that the cost in ill health is about £1.36 billion. Thousands of  people will die this year because they were just too cold. The majority will be elderly.

 Recently, The Royal College of Surgeons and AGE UK have written a report on age discrimination in surgery which, of course has been unlawful. It is no good pretending that it was not.

As some people lack mental capacity it would be interesting if the Court of Protection manages to play a protective role. As far as we know UK managed not to sign up to Fundamental Human Rights which includes the right to  protective health measures.

So it appears that in UK dishonesty is the best policy - just keep on warm and lying about your age if you want to live longer and can get away with it.

Several decades ago I met a French Jewish woman who took her yellow star and her documents and flushed them down the toilet. She survived but others died in concentration camps. Here is something from Jewish Virtual Library:

In November 1938, following the Kristallnacht pogrom, Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich recommended that the Jews be forced to wear identification badges. Following Heydrich's recommendation, the German government first introduced mandatory badges in Poland in November 1939. Jews who failed to wear them risked death - On July 26, 1941, the Judenrat (Jewish Community Council) of Bialystok announced that "the authorities have warned that severe punishment — up to, and including death by shooting — is in store for Jews who do not wear the yellow badge on back and front."
The German government's policy of forcing Jews to wear badges, and then confining all who wore them to ghettos, was a tactic aimed at isolating the Jews from the rest of the population. It enabled the German government to identify, concentrate, deprive, starve, and ultimately murder the Jews of Europe. In 1942, Helmut Knochen, the German government's chief of the Security Service and the Security Police for occupied France and Belgium, stated that the yellow badge was "another step on the road to the Final Solution."
This policy was a part of what the Germans euphemistically called the "Special Treatment" of the Jews. Under this "Special Treatment," the Jews also endured:
1) A consistent propaganda campaign labeling them as the embodiment of evil and the misfortune of German society.
2) The revoking of all their rights of citizenship.
3) The confiscation of their property and businesses.
4) Their removal from jobs, schools, professions, and all social and professional intercourse with the rest of society.


RalphWinstanley said...

And this is what is currently happening to the elderly of this country.

They are called 'a burden on society'; they are deprived of everything they own if they need any help; they are put onto the Liverpool Care Pathway, and killed; they are deprived of the very basic right to life within what they thought was a free society.

And when anyone fights back, they are laughed at by law enforcers who refuse ot enforce the law; driven from their profession by their own professions' agencies; defamed by very senior officials; left to fight alone by all those people surrounding them, who say they can see the wrong - and then go on their way.

comments said...

Scene a visitor has entered the room of an elderly lady, but makes no sound!

Title:- Can You Please Switch Off The Heaters Dear!

Oh, hello!,
Can you please switch off the heaters dear,
I know its cold outside,
But we must save the energy;
But then I'm sure you'll know,
The television and the Government tells its so!
When my Bob was alive, everything was so good!
You must have known Bob, everyone knew Bob,
He was such a kind man and a good saver too.
He did so look after me you know;
Tut, Oh do switch the heaters off,
My family put them on,
They make such a fuss; I can tell,
But I'm sure they only mean me well!

Please do switch off the heaters dear,
While you are here;
Those bills can be so fearful,
And I can still look after myself,
Though I must admit,
To feeling more tired these days;
More sleepy than I used to be.
Oh! but how we used to run,
And we'd have so much fun.
The times we had together,
Bob and I, outside in the summer sun.
It doesn't feel so cold now,
Remembering, those wonderful times;
But now he's gone, I feel so very sad,
Sigh, oh whatever will I do?
It's nice to see someone though,
Visitors are rare these days!

I feel so very sleepy now,
So best not stay too long,
See Its cold outside, but not in here,
We don't need those heaters dear,
So do remember as you leave,
To switch them off for me.
For I really can't afford those bills!
And energy does not come for free.
But mind, the snow looks so beautiful,
I can see it from my window!
I can't get out as much these days!
Oh Bob and I, we did so love the snow,
And we took the children,
And grandchildren too, And out we'd go
sledging, sliding, building snowmen,
We all had so much fun you know!
But now, dear stranger, I must go to sleep,
So please switch off the heaters before you go!

News flash!

Police have been called to the home of an elderly woman who appears to have died due to the cold this morning. The authorities believe there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, even though two neighbours have reported that they are sure they saw the woman leave her house with a stranger, who they thought to be family earlier this morning.

Although her family had visited her last night and had turned the heaters on in the house, they also reported that she had a tendency to switch them straight off, in order to save on energy bills.

Her granddaughter, discovered her body at her home at lunch time. The grand daughter who is in a very distraught state, complained that her grandmother had been worried about energy prices and that the Government's continuing insistence to save energy was causing anxiety for the elderly. She also stated that the Government has failed to keep to their promise of keeping energy prices down!

The official line is that this is just another sad case in a long list of cases!

~....Dedicated to all the money obsessed politicians, who lack sense and reason and to the money orientated energy companies, who are obsessed with profit!...~