Friday, 7 December 2012

Mrs Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse who was tricked in the case of Kate Middleton found dead

Jacintha Saldanha 8th December 2012

Edward VII Sister Agnes Hospital's  nurse on receptionist duty who was tricked by a telephone hoax from an Australian  radio station's two DJs pretending to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles to transfer a call to another nurse (who in turn was also duped to reveal some unsensational details about Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge progress) has been found dead. It is suspected that she committed suicide. Her photograph has been now released and you can see her above.

You can read about the consequences of public humiliation  by clicking HERE in American Journal of  Psychiatry and Law

Mrs Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse was found unconscious this morning at nearby residence close to King Edward VII Sister Agnes Hospital in London, where she worked. Police were called and an ambulance arrived, but the woman was declared dead at the scene.

It is not clear to public at present what pressures she was under and what institutions if any were involved. Doctors4Justice contacted Nursing and Midwifery Council at 17:23 on 7-12-2012 but there was no answer other than the answering machine recording that played an outgoing message that the ofiices were closed and that the opening hours are 8-18:00. We wonder why they closed early.

It is possible that Nursing and Midwifery Council immediately commenced disciplinary proceedings as it is known that regulators respond to reports in media even without a direct complaint from anyone. The General Medical Council which regulates doctors started several hundred investigations of doctors based on media reports without any complaint sent to them. Staff from GMC sit on Nursing and Midwifery Council.

At least 92 doctors have died during fitness to practice investigations by the General Medical Council and at least fourteen lawyers (with sanctions on their practice in the case of Solicitors Regulation Authority) in the last five years. Public humiliations can be deadly.

Public statement by hospital executives was that Ms Jacintha Saldanha was given hospital's support.

Unfortunately, from my own experience I can tell that once I was offered support but it turned out that I was on secret supervision and it was followed by a referral to a regulator of my ex-profession. I was found guilty of serious professional misconduct and eventually erased from medical register. No patients were ever harmed and there was no danger to public but my colleagues sent false allegations to prevent any damage being done to them. So sometimes public humiliations are initiated out of fear.

Maybe the mocking of the royal family was done for political reasons and in keeping with republican sentiments by Australians. Who knows? Is there a message to British public too?

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Al ruby said...

Strange how colleagues fabricate allegations and these are not investigated as criminal behaviour ...