Sunday, 24 February 2013

No independent insurance expert witnesses

Under new proposals insurance companies in UK plan to deal only with their own expert witnesses that they approve. Insurance companies have already refused very competent experts as soon as there are allegations (true or false) put to medical regulator against an expert.
While it is understandable that insurance companies want to reduce their losses the facts of the matter are that experts are expert by the nature of their qualifications and experience. Biased attitude can override expertise when, for example, experts act as "hired guns" in real life although this is against Court Procedure Rules.
There are such biased experts and it may be necessary for courts to eliminate them by Order prohibiting court work. Insurance appointment panels would not have the required competence or independence to judge experts. Judges need the evidence and they do rely at times on other expert telling them the other expert is corrupt. Those who are registered with medical regulator are likely to be very collegiate i.e. conformist in order to preserve their own position as registered medical practitioner.Medical mobbing is a phenomenon that has not been addressed by Judicial College in their training of judges and dysfunctional culture in UK needs to changed along the radical changes to NHS in keeping with EU law.

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