Monday, 11 February 2013

Pope resigns

Photograph from BBC News. Please, click on photo to read more

Pope has resigned with effect from 28-2-2013. While traditional media have reported this as a shock development it is not a shock to those who campaigned for years that he should resign following scandals of sexual abuse by clergy, and various allegations involving administration of Catholic Church such as cover ups of criminal acts.

Apparently, this resignation by a Pope is the first time this has happened in about 600 years.

Christopher Hitchens wrote in 2010 HERE  about some of the very serious problems with Vatican.

And HERE is the video in Telegraph of the demonstration in London demanding his resignation

Two German lawyers Dr Christian Sailer and Dr Hetzel wrote a book Calling Pope to account and theywere the first to file criminal charges against Catholic Church at International Criminal Tribunal.  Read their book Calling Pope to Account for free HERE

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