Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 5: Petition for Confidentail Enquiry into deaths of 100 doctors while investigated by the General Medical Council


Anonymous said...

Despite heavy criticism by the Commons Health Select Committee on the GMC proceedings,

‘’16. The Committee recognises, however that doctors and other practitioners who have raised concerns by other staff have sometimes been subject to suspension, dismissal or other sanctions. The Committee therefore intends to examine this issue in more detail in due course. (Paragraph 44)’’

’15. Doctors from Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust whose practice was in itself blameless but who failed to act and raise concerns about colleagues are now also under investigation by the GMC. A clear signal needs to be sent by the GMC to doctors that they are at as much risk of being investigated by their regulator for failing to report concerns about a fellow registrant as they are from poor practice on their own part. (Paragraph 43)’’

’19. The Committee appreciates the seriousness with which the GMC has treated the suggestion that doctors from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are over-represented in fitness to practise cases. The finding that this relates to overseas trained doctors and not ethnicity per se does not alter the fact that a problem exists. (Paragraph 53)’’
(30 November 2012)

‘MPs warn the GMC that revalidation is only the beginning’

it appears as if it has not yet stopped misleading the general public and not yet come out of its persistently dysfunctional status.

There are uncountable cases where the GMC has provided safe heaven to morally corrupt, criminal minded, incompetent and dishonest doctors as long as they belong to its clan.

You may find further information in the following link,

‘….GMC could not care less if a doctor breaks the law as long as he is a member of their own gang….’

Anonymous said...

No they regularly punish doctors who have broken the law. The problem is many of the doctors who end up in this position have been ill, committed minor impulsive crimes and already punished by the state. The GMC then adds another punishment which at the very least deeply humiliates for a very long time.THE WARNING. Sick doctor not only has to contend with illness, state sanctions but a neo medieval regulator bent on embarrassing him/her for at least the next 5 years. This is the mild end of the spectrum of sanctions but goes a long way to explain why some doctors kill themselves.