Friday, 13 September 2013

DOCTORS4JUSTICE: Foreign doctors and language skills


Anonymous said...

Your post is utterly incoherent. You start by saying that doctors die whilst being investigated by the GMC then make some vague and non-sensical comment about deaths in the NHS. In what way are you trying to connect these two points?

Then you make a completely unrelated comment about the language requirements of foreign doctors but you don't make your opinion clear. Are you for or against the GMc's position?

Finally you ask a rhetorical question (I hope!) about the existence of Cambridge University but why you ask is not clear. You follow this bizarre question with a rambling about power games and manipulation.

The whole post is bizarre, illogical and poorly written. The writing style is, ironically, clearly of someone who doesn't have English as a first language, for example "University in UK?" it should be "the UK".

A quick look at other posts show similarly confused thinking. I'm afraid none of this engenders confidence in the site or the petition.

Doctors4Justice said...

Anonymous 1

Thank you very much for your correction.
It is known that foreign doctors have worse outcomes in fitness to practice proceedings in the UK. This has been published over and over again.
It is not necessary for GMC to seek new legislation when they are in the position to demand certificates of English language proficiency.
I hope you find it easier to understand the article now.

Doctors4Justice said...

Anonymous 1, here is Cambridge University approach: