Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Shocking news, but is it true that the majority of British single men only wash their bed sheets once every three months?

Photograph of a dust mite. They eat human skin cells shed by us all the time. Delicious! Some people develop allergy to dust mites with asthma, which can be life threatening. Read about it HERE.

To learn more about the shocking survey about British people having very poor bed hygiene click HERE:
The majority (more than 70%) of single men according to the survey wash their bed sheets once in three months! The majority of the British population do not appear to have the recommended levels of hygiene either (yes, bed sheets should be washed at least once a week).

Considering the high incidence of asthma (and rising) in other countries of the world. one is asking about what other countries look like in terms of their hygiene habits. At least 180,000 people die each year from asthma.

Naturally, there are people in UK who have good standards of hygiene but according to the survey these are in minority.

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