Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rat takes the train, men start screeming and climbing on the seats

 wharf rat cartoon humor: Rat: 'So...your Sewer or mine?'             A bit of a shock on New York underground train when passengers noticed a rat taking the train with them (Click HERE to watch) . Rats are social and intelligent animals and would leave the train like everybody else eventually.
Recently, a mouse entered my house and was a bit noisy at times seeking company and following me from one room to another especially in the evening. I fed it and watered it but also wondered what to do with it. As it liked to be under the washing machine in the kitchen one evening I opened the door to the garden and left it open for a couple of hours. It left, presumably, looking for better company and more interesting environment. So, mouse traps are probably, not necessary in every situation.
There are people who like training wild mice to do tricks as they learn much faster than a dog would. Click HERE to watch them perform some tricks.
There are some domestic animals like cats who use public transport every day on their own initiative.Read here.

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