Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Shame of the Church - New York Times video report

We received the link to this important video published by New York Times from SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests). The President is Barbara Blaine (photo on the right, click on it to read more about her work).
Click HERE to watch The Shame of the Church).
It does not look like anything radical is going to happen unless there is a proper scrutiny of judiciary at international court that would be prepared to deal with this criminal offending against children on a large scale. International Criminal Court in Hague even had a judge who had supported in some ways pedophile network exchange.
In this document the court sets out how they would like to be understood with respect to their functions: HERE
However, when courts receive applications that need corrections they could ask for application to be corrected, for example, to include allegations of crimes that happened only after 2002 (establishment of the court).
It also appears that because of the attitudinal problems to rape, not just of women, but also men (more relevant perhaps, to abuse of boys by clergy who are the majority of the victims of abuse by clergy) a special division should be formed at ICC to deal with sexual crimes and those against children. Expertise and training of the judges is required in order to understand psychological manifestations of trauma and attitudinal problems that exist socially to male rape (denials in particular) and female rape. The court needs to appoint a judge who is not fearful and unprepared to compromise on children's anywhere in this world.

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