Tuesday, 3 February 2015

While French are revolting English wait for their turn in a queue, More secret files on doctors

There are many secret files on doctors held by The General Medical Council (GMC). Complaints are made against doctors but not investigated when investigations should take place, for example, and doctors do not know anything about it. Although it is unlawful to store incorrect data the regulator of medical profession, GMC does not worry about such things and it would appear English doctors allow themselves to be treated in this way. Making verbal protests is not enough. A bit of writing here and there is all we have seen from medical profession. No real appetite for change, or justice. As long as one reaches one's retirement appears to be the common attitude of state serving doctors. Oh, dear.

Doctors4Justice has evidence that GMC does not allow openness. When a complainant disclosed her complaint to a doctor complained about, the GMC' s official protested against the disclosure!!! Yes, a hefty complaint file was sent to the retired judge David Pearl who is hanging around GMC, part-time. He just circulated it without reading, presumably, to Fitness to Practice Directorate, notorious for self-protection and secretiveness.

No matter how well documented the complaints are the boys simply gang up together to defend themselves: that is defending GMC's own failures and those false complainants who are established within the NHS system. It is completely irrelevant to GMC how many patients or doctors die as the result of the injustice, or laws being broken by them. They just carry on. A little chat with Parliamentary Health Select Committee once a year is not a big deal in terms of accountability. A little report from Law Commission just supports them.  For GMC it is important to look good on camera and agree with everything that MPs seem to be asking for, or alluding to. GMC follow up Parliamentary concerns by writing a little page or two of a policy (eg on child protection) and claim of  reformation with no evidence to support it. Patients continue dying in numbers that could be prevented if they only had the guts to do their work.

And are British doctors able to challenge their regulator? Well, I think they will just wait for their turn in a queue allowing other people's victimization and promoting their own.

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Adysaxman77 said...

I was in a car crash caused by a drunk driver, I had my knees snapped in from dislocation 3 and a half months after the crash by a surgeon that would deny it! I saw an orthopaedic surgeon privately, who diagnosed a significant injury to my left knee (without actually calling 'a spade- a spade'or a patella dislocation, as it came out 5 days after the first orthopaedic surgeon did his stuff) he also requested MRI and xrays doing of both legs. My good doctor completely ignored this request (he was well aware of litigation looming) and did nothing but continue to 'drug me up' via Temazepam, Diazepam, and Meptazinol, all highly addictive, and should never have been prescribed alongside each other. I complained to the GMC who did absolutely NOTHING!