Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ghosts at The Royal College of Psychiatrists!!!

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)For some time now British psychiatrists have got themselves involved deeply with spiritual matters. It may shock the readers from the more enlightened societies in this world that this institution has Special Interest Group in Spirituality (the idea of Prince Charles). Soon due to have their next meeting, not too far removed from Halloween, but enough. They will be considering their failings. Surely, with all the assistance of all the gods in this universe, and the parallel ones, failure is impossible. Yes, many people died because of the actions of at least one of them, but in the ghost world they have merely relocated without the forwarding address other than vague "sea" if we follow the logic of Matt Berry, BBC's star.
When you watch the film below you will realise that UK is ideally located for ghosts as these reside in the sea and GB is an island and while not as great as China, it is an island.
Click HERE to watch ghosts in action. It is not scary at all.
Matt Berry, you are clever not to be a doctor as with the richness of your language alone you would meet more than one ghost handler at the medical regulator, The General Medical Council, the collector of really scary ghosts stories. 

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