Monday, 18 September 2017

Foreign doctors and nurses keep away from England!

Two cars parked under the same tree, at the same time. No, I am not telling a joke.

This is my car the next day:

And this is my neighbour's car parked under the same tree, just opposite to me. It is spotless:

Superficially, this is so much like medical regulation in UK. Except that medical regulators do know the difference of where you come from and that is all that matters.

Slovenian philosopher Zizek talks how we must confront crimes against other human beings:

In Germany, if you are a passive bystander and a person collapses, for example, in a bank where you happen to be, and you do nothing to get medical help, you get fined or imprisoned. In UK you could get promoted. This is what medical profession has been doing for ages when they witness how their foreign colleagues and patients are mistreated. 

As a doctor you can work for the medical regulator itself and cause even more damage even though your practice has been questioned at the medical regulator's at the same time.

If patient dies as the result of medical or/and administrative mistakes the scapegoat is usually a foreigner in UK, even if foreigner did not even work in the hospital at the time of patient's death. 
Crazy but true. You will not be able to defend yourself as tribunals will be constructed in such a way that you must lose everywhere. Your lawyers will not be able to help you even if you could afford to have them.

Best is to stay away from people who do not deserve you.

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