Tuesday, 2 January 2018

National Health Service unable to cope while many doctors unemployed in UK

During Labour Party government there was a frenzy of persecutions of doctors and nurses who were whistleblowers. Department of Health produced policies which were unlawful (such as favouring religious leaders in their interpretation of mental health) and some that seem to give power to abuse those better qualified (New Ways of Working). Anti-locum policies were thinly veiled racist policies as most locum doctors are from ethnic minorities.

Courts did not care about the law when whistleblowers applied for help. Many tears were shed and much money wasted seeking legal assistance.

General Medical Council colluded in persecution of whistleblowers and ethnic minorities. Some issues raised by whistleblowers have never been addressed to this day. With no mercy for doctors  many were struck off the medical register.

Subsequent governments could not care to rehabilitate competent doctors. Now hospitals cannot cope despite much increased funding. Apparently English NHS hospitals have run out of corridor space for the patients.

Doctors who may have been above average in their performance  have been removed by GMC without GMC examining their performance as evidenced in real clinical work of those doctors.

A case of bad karma.

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