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It has been reported that over 430 doctors killed themselves by suicide in the last four years in UK.  That is about 108 on average per year. In USA which has five times larger population of doctors, and people about 300-400 kill themselves each year.

There is nothing very surprising about it. Doctors4Justice investigated suicides in doctors and also suicides in lawyers who were subject to their regulator's investigations. Dr No calculated twenty times higher mortality rate when compared to normal population of this particular group.
Photograph of Professor Clare Gerada in Pulse

Labour government, in particular, was keen to reduce doctor's status by introducing New Ways of Working in NHS although, of course, this as purpose was denied. Instead, of a waiting list per Consultant doctor in NHS many waiting lists were made by other professionals in the team. Many patients died because of the failure to recognise which cases have to be priority for treatment that doctor would have no problem deciding. New referrals would be seen by nurses, and others in the team.

New Ways of Working was just one of the policies that was a killer for doctors and patients. Another one was the assumption of guilt and doctors who harmed no patients whatsoever would have to undergo four days performance assessments by regulator. Those who refused were struck off medical register eventually. Order to undergo psychiatric educational supervision - invented by Dr Gwen Adshead, Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist, who is, hey, a member of the Trustee Board of The Royal College of Psychiatrists would be used if doctor complained that junior doctors needed educational supervision during inspection by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. How can intelligent doctors trust psychiatrists when they protect corruption in their midst? Please.

If doctor complained about something wrong in the way clinical practice was done at a national or local level, then false allegations of mental illness, poor conduct or professional competence would be made by psychiatrists paid by regulators. While it is true that not all doctors working for GMC are corrupt some are. Enough of them to destroy more than one life. When good doctors are removed in UK more patients die including doctors. Doctors4Justice would therefore, advise doctors to seek Internet support from abroad and if it is not appropriate to their needs they should be told and agreement to this effect made and recorded. If you cannot trust the locals look elsewhere. Now you can.


Anyone who has read a bit of history would know how people killed themselves as the result of humiliation for thousands of years. Some have killed themselves in advance to avoid it, for example,  if captured as prisoners of war.

In addition, in humiliated individuals there would be a higher chance of death from other causes such as cardiac arrest.

What happens today to doctors is humiliation on a global scale in comparison to ancient history, and as never seen before.  It is not just the regulators who publish their "Findings" on the Internet but so do irresponsible individuals with nothing to lose. There is some merit in defamation, for example, in some cases being a criminal offence which it is not in UK.

Even doctors who have never done any harm to any patients, and in fact, are whistleblowers, will be demolished by the UK's courts, Employment tribunals, medical regulators, Internal investigators and anywhere they turn to help because UK is a failing state. The state apparatus is there to rule but it is abused.


There are countries where justice is valued but this is not so in UK. The system is outdated.

Doctors and patients need proper independent, investigative court. Investigation, punishment and compensation all done at once, and in one place. At present, patients are sent from pillar to post over many years. Patients are afraid of risking their house to pay legal fees, for example, to fight the case against doctor in court. So, they opt for the free version of humiliating doctor through complaints procedure which does not give them compensation from medical regulator at all.

At present what we see is so called "state-capture" phenomenon in UK institutions. This occurs in failing state.

In democratic society who earns what, where and how is determined by state and is supposed to depend on merit.

In prehistoric times it was within family that relationships determined allocation of resources. Later on relationships within tribes determined the same.

What we see in doctors and patients situation is "relationships" used to get to the resources at the regulators. When there is no relationship guilty doctors quite simply become part of the regulation as fitness to practice panellists and no action is ever taken by the regulator against them even when they have much evidence against them from many unrelated sources.

There is political, religious, sexist and racist bias which kills both doctors and patients and those who are known to have a problem with such issues are protected.

Some guilty doctors are actually, protected by regulators. Sometimes, these doctors  work for them, or have previously done so. One managed to work regulating no less than eighteen professions and yes, he is a psychiatrist. GMC let him work for three terms although their regulations said two maximum and he had a bundle of complaints against him never, ever acted on.

In other cases, quite simply, regulator fixes tribunals which will be biased such as religious tribunals.
They are relied on to do as told.


Overall, in general population, i.e. when looking at all the suicides, men kill themselves four times as often as women.

Women doctors attempt suicide far less frequently than members of the general population but when they do attempt it they are usually successful just like the male doctors in that they chose lethal means. The same numbers (rate) of women doctors as male doctors complete suicides.

American doctor who collected suicides to investigate them reported in Washington Post that men were eight times more common in her register in 2018. This is interesting, but it may reflect her sampling.

Some research has indicated that in medicine, it is women who somewhat outnumber men in suicides but this only arises when one starts making standardised mortality rates and comparing doctors to the general population or other populations such as scientists.


Lack of trust
Trust is of fundamental importance in medicine.
There are doctors who think they would be reported to the regulators (and many were) if they seek help from psychiatrists.

Refusal of medical insurance and professional indemnity
For doctors without experience of law it can be overwhelming experience to be hit with malice as well as refusal of help. Ethnic minorities are more at risk. It is bewildering and some are like rabbits standing in the middle of the road as car approaches.

Too tired
Burnout can lead to symptoms of depression and with it lack of energy. Doctors work very hard and for many more hours than anyone can see. This is not always appreciated.

Sleep deprivation can lead even to psychotic symptoms and this could be the final straw for those who do not know it.

Lack of control
Increased demands from patients and through regulation leading to the sense of hopelessness could lead to suicides.

There is a lot to be learned from military who although exposed to high stress have lower suicide rates.

Dislike for arguments
Doctors dislike arguments but in real life it is essential to resolve problems. Too much of "we all love each other". Well, we do not. In fact, some doctors loathe others and would stop at nothing to ruin them with the help of the state institutions and medical regulator.

The same applies to some patients who are loaded with hate also by their religion such as Church of Scientology, so, all psychiatrists are killers for them who should be shown no mercy. At least, one Scientologist got a job as Fitness to Practice Panelist at GMC. Prosecution of psychiatrists increased many fold.

During religious governments regulators get loaded from religious groups participants even more. The effects last for many decades later.

Bystander mentality
Medical profession continuously employed bullies, manipulators and corrupt individuals amongst them. Have you ever heard of medical board walking out in protest against bad company?

Knowledge about the reality
Doctors are intelligent and can work out the likely outcomes in corrupt system like in UK where state capture has taken place already by interested groups at The Royal College of Psychiatrists, for example.

Lack of legal tools
Doctors lack basic legal protection. They have no contract with patients on complaints procedure that is signed by patient and doctor.

The list of things doctors lack control over would include for NHS;
who they work with
who comes to see them
how many come to see them
and a little bit more.

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