Male Extra ingredients


Male Extra has hit headlines because it promises a bigger, harder and longer erection in men. This product will super-charge the sex life of any man who has been having problems in his bedroom. However, besides using big words to catch attention, do you think Male Extra is any effective like you’ve seen them touting on media?

Definitely yes, and there are some credible findings to support this answer. Below is a full review of everything that’s contained in the Male Extra product.

Male Extra Ingredients

So far, we can only gather a handful of some effective ingredients on the main website of this product. They include:

  • (a) MSM 100 mg
  • (b) Arginine 600 mg
  • (c) Zinc 45mg
  • (d) Creatine

The creator of this product has also stated that this treatment has pomegranate which contains 40% ellagic acid and niacin — although they’ve not stated the exact amount.

Just from these ingredients, we can figure out how this product works. It’s safe to think that Male Extra raises nitric oxide levels while boosting testosterone at the same time.

You see, when blood vessels are exposed to Nitric oxide (NO), they expand. For this reason, if we expose NO to the blood vessels of the penis, we will definitely end up with a tighter penis for that matter. Both Arginine and niacin improve NO levels in the blood, and these are the foundation ingredients in Male Extra.

Moreover, some studies have tried finding out if arginine can treat men suffering from erectile dysfunction. These studies have found that men who take at least 5g of arginine a day have a relatively good sexual performance.

What about zinc?

Zinc will only help you when you have a deficiency of the mineral. However, it can be safely assumed that most men suffering from ED have low levels of zinc. The RDA recommends 13mg per day. But this isn’t much, hence could be the reason why most men with ED are deficient.


Creatine is a popular ingredient in muscle building products. This shows that creatine helps in building bigger tissues, hence muscles. The same way, creatine will help build penis tissues for a bigger manhood altogether. This could, in turn, make erections even stronger because muscles are available to support blood flow.


When you consume 3 capsules of Male Extra, you get an equivalent of 500mg pomegranate. This is obtained from the whole fruit and is standardized to contain at least 70% ellagic acid.

Pomegranate has been the subject of many studies. Some have sort to prove that it can heal heart diseases, burn fat in obese individuals and improve strength overall.

But let’s just concentrate on its ability to improve erection because that’s what Male Extra is using it for.

In 2007, a particular study looked at the efficacy and safety of pomegranate on patients with mild to moderate ED. 53% of men who suffered from erectile dysfunction showed remarkable improvements as a result of taking pomegranate. Also, the same study proved that pomegranate contained a number of antioxidants which could improve the functioning of blood vessels.


Male Extra ingredients will surely work for every man out there provided they follow strict dosage rules as stated in the official website.

Male Extra has a lot more ingredients that we haven’t discussed. What we highlighted were only the main ingredients contained in it. But the bigger picture is that all the ingredients should harmoniously work together to bring a full, stronger, longer and tighter erection in men struggling with performance in bed.