Penis Enlargement: Decoding why and how Men do it


Is your girlfriend tired of your small penis that she doesn’t want to have sex anymore? Are your orgasms just tiny bit sparks that you might not feel it after all? Are you dreaming of enlarging your tiny manhood into a lean mean sex machine? Worry not; penis enlargement might be the solution for you.

Penis enlargement is one of the sought-after progressions of men today. Men want to achieve a penis size bigger than the ordinary 4 inches. The reasons why may range from idiotic vanity to the needs of their women, to the actually valid cause that’s due to an illness.

Reasons why men will want to undergo Penis Enlargement:

  • Sexual Purposes– This is the number reason why men want to enlarge their manhood. There’s a speculation going around that women require men to have a larger sexual organ to experience a more fulfilled orgasm. Men might put this literally and do anything to achieve their goal.
  • Self-actualization– A number of men will want to undergo enlargement of their penises to raise their self-esteem. Population may demand selection of the best quality and that’s what makes a man with a small penis, unsure of his worth. In addition, culture also plays a role since it is a culture for most to insult those with lower quality than the others.
  • Medical Purposes– Men with erectile dysfunction, a condition that a man is not able to continue his erection during sexual intercourse due to the lack of blood supply, causing the penis to shrink. If medical intervention makes a larger penis than before, this may help the penis push and retain the blood supply.

Ways how men enlarge their penises:

  • Surgical Intervention– Penile Enlargement Surgery is the most expensive procedure for penile enhancement. Cosmetic lengthening is done for those with penile abnormalities or those with very little penises. It works to lengthen by adding additional skin to the length.
  • Penis Enlargement Pills – This is the most common way to lengthen the penis. Penis Enlargement pills contains stimulants to increase blood flow on the sexual organ and increase production of the hormone called testosterone to thicken the penis and improve its performance.
  • Steroids– A known substance to increase the muscle mass and endurance of men, steroids also increase penis length and thickness. This is much like penis enlargement pills though it is introduced intravenously.
  • Penile Extenders– Mechanical devices used to extend or lengthen penises, penile extenders are expensive but the cost can be worth it since it is proven and tested. A cylindrical spiral rod is attached to the penis that works like a brace to encourage lengthening. The device is to stay attached for weeks so the penis can adapt to it.
  • Penis Pumps– Like Penile extenders, penis pumps are cylindrical devices used to put around the penis. It will then use vacuum pressure to the penis so that more blood vessels are forced to the muscles.

Whether for vanity or to increase sexual performance, penis enlargement is not a simple thing to tackle. Those who will consider using it should weight its risks and complications first. Either for a want or a need, it’s only for the person to decide what is best for him.