Saturday, 22 April 2017

Our violence and your violence - drama by Oliver Frljic in Croatia

Image result for oliver frljic nase nasilje i vase nasilje

Vatican is said to be furious, there have been protests in Poland in front of a theatre, some politicians are trying to ban it. Oliver Frljic, Croatian producer has attracted contraversy by his observations of the chaos in which we live. In some places only "internal performance was allowed". What does that mean?
In other places completely sold out.

Interview with Oliver Frljic here in Croatian or Serbo-Croat as it was called before. He points to the failure to address the pertinent issues in our society. As to the people he states that we can get a Certificate of our stupidity based on for whom we have voted.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Cadbury v Prime Minister Theresa May on egg hunt in spring time

FengShui Faberge Egg Trinket Box with Globe and Ship Home Decorative Box 2016 Decorative Faberge Egg / Trinket Jewel Box

         Photo: a fengshui easter egg on Ali express

Theresa May PM wants full on traditional egg hunt while others are moving away from Christian stealing of other people's customs and traditions. Especially now that some are more prosperous. There is a link with population prosperity and fall in religiosity.

In spring there is cause to celebrate life and its regeneration. Hormones change with electromagnetic radiation from sun, and eggs are produced.

Chocolate eggs are nice way to mark spring and that is it. It was pagan goddess Ishtar who was presented by her worshippers with fertility symbols eggs and rabbits because she was Mother Goddess. Apart from Ishtar she had other names such as Ceres (yes, breakfast cereals named after her), Diana, Venus and others. The Resurrection myth also predates Christianity.

As to the complex subject of human identity, religion may be there but it may not.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Serbian man beats English pilot in Zurich cafe after he boasted about bombing Belgrade in 1999

They say the hardest thing for a pilot is to land.

English pilot who boasted in Zurich cafe about his bombing of Belgrade in 1999 has been beaten up by Serbian man who overheard him and allegedly asked him:
"Do you know how many innocent people and children you killed?"
Allegedly, the reply was:
"Yes, so what".
Serb allegedly asked what if I did to you what you did at which point Englishman allegedly stood up.

Next there was a fight and now Englishman is in hospital and Serbian man is questioned by police.

Blic reported in another article that there have been yet another incident of Serbian man being beaten up in Kosovo. There is no Milosevic now to say: I will not let anybody beat you up.

Serbs will never give up Kosovo and now their alliances are different, it is likely that NATO will have to pull out of at least one of their bases as better knowledge is acquired on how the civil war arose in former Yugoslavia..(as if it did not exist for a long time how wars are made)

NATO bombardovanje 1999. godine

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Lion Fish smarter than humans on the day of Brexit Article 50 being triggered

Lion fish are highly lethal to humans but here is one in the Italian waters on the day of Brexit. No border controls here!!

Once while scuba diving in Red Sea I had about ten swimming just below me.

These fish are not just beautiful but smart too. They do not attack if you keep respectful distance. Again so much smarter than many human beings who have nasty habits of acting agressively in case they might be attacked for the wrong they have done already.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Dr Helen Bright was right about wearing of religious uniforms at work

While UK is still in denial European Court of Justice decided that of course, neutral dress at work is perfectly decent demand to make of all employees. Wow! Yes, that simple.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Happy International Women's Day 8th March!

                                                C Zetkin 1.jpg                                                                                            In some countries, like Russia, today is public holiday celebrated usually at least one day in advance for those who are working followed by more celebrations at home and with family and friends. Festive meals, gifts, champagne and other kind gestures from women to women and from men to women too. At work in Russia men give women gifts a day before, on 7th March. Usually, there is nice office celebration too. Champagne flows.

Political movement at the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th rooted in labour movement demanded equality of opportunity for women. Clara Zetkin leader of Women's section in Social Democratic Party in Germany suggested 8th March as International Women's Day. Her proposal was accepted at the Second Working Women Conference in Copenhagen. Of the 100 women that attended there were three just elected to Finish Parliament.

Much inequality remains for many women all over the world. Doctors4Justice has asked today USA President to make this day public holiday for all in USA.

Friday, 10 February 2017

General Medical Council and Nursing Council to be abolished

It has been proposed by Doctors4Justice that there should be High Court specialised in medicine and related matters. A really independent court with proper investigative powers vested in properly trained judges. Brains and real power. Not the General Medical Council that pays amongst others exorcists (NHS medical doctors working as their fitness to practice panellists) to ruin the lives of other doctors and patients.

Newspapers reported in UK that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will publish consultation paper and that proposal of merging medical regulators has been opposed by medical regulators themselves. We do not see any need to comment on that as we would expect that those who are doing well would not want change from their circumstances. Establishment. Yes, the same medical establishment that is completely incapable of rehabilitating whistleblowers. More deaths of doctors and patients is really just fine with them. There is plenty of money to buy more paper and ink at all medical regulators to print yet another paper on how things should be but never actually do anything in practice.

Merging dysfunctional regulators would be like ordering a couple of criminal families to live in a bigger house together so they become more effective. Surely, a joke of some sort.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vagina cakes at New Year 2017 celebrations in Obs and Gynae Dept

New Year celebrations in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department in a Macedonian Hospital shocked management when they found on Facebook photographs of the lavish tables laden with vagina cakes. All staff faced disciplinary action with 30% reduction in salary.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Heavily robed procession to Suicide Prevention: Government's report 2017

Doctors4Justice has been successful in campaigning for suicide prevention in that we got governments interested in the issue again, but we failed to get some heavily robed individuals to accept evidence of much wrongdoing in some institutions. This is not unexpected considering contributors' dependency of honour/reputation on the state.

We are sympathetic to all the MPs who mean well; and thank them sincerely, but government is served badly by medical profession characterised by poor leadership. One doctor described it as "two pence worth", but we are sure this is not the sum the government paid for the report. In fact, it paid lots over many years including the cost of lost lives.

Of course, we appreciated that those who keep silent on issues they should speak about get rewarded for their protection of failed policies, bad attitudes even from Department of Health itself!!

Well, it is not never mind as we continue to fight for justice.

The report is HERE and we shall respond in full to these cowardly people.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Complicity in torture: Shortage of doctors with surplus of unemployed whistleblower doctors and nurses

Image result for no brain xrayOnce again it is winter time and UK doctors are complaining of staff shortages, bed shortages, and one or two other serious problems. Of course, more people have been damaged and died because of the NHS mismanagement.

While there is customary government blaming, some doctors, social workers, nurses and nasty patient relatives have contributed to it by, for example, hounding of innocent doctors for political or religious reasons and others doing nothing when they saw it happening. Only a handful of doctors intervened. As per Milgrim experiment complicity in torture wins in UK.

The General Medical Council, regulator of medical profession, obliged medical bullies and harassers by striking innocent doctors off, ruining their lives and killing patients by depriving them of good doctors.

British medical culture is not attractive to intelligent, kind doctors observing the events with the parts of the brain others have either missing or rather small. Would you want to train for 14 years, work for thirty and have everything taken away from you by nasty British system when you try all your best to protect the patients and public?

Now, we do know that more Indian doctors choose not to come to UK. Why should they endure rampant racism in NHS and at medical regulator? Humiliations do kill people. Hundreds of doctors died before their time. And at least, tens of thousands of patients.

There has been no rehabilitation of whistleblowers at all; yes, there was an enquiry into whistleblowing, and one or two judges showed courage with their recent rulings involving whistleblowing.

More action and leadership is required from the top. Time flies and as you read this some people are dying.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Great day for freedom of speech - No sanction on Judge Patricia Lynch


It has been widely reported that a judge who used offensive language in court has not committed any professional offence. Great day for justice in UK. We wish there were many more like this, especially for some of us whistleblowers.

As we have written before at Doctors4Justice swearing is healthy release of frustration. Judges are subjected to an enormous amount of frustration.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Politicians and USA's President elect Donald Trump

Following election of Donald Trump to USA Presidency Belgrade's newspaper "Danas" (Today) published a cartoon above. It depicts leading Serbian politicians.

Some of Belgrade's cafes and restaurants offered free drinks to those who knew the passwords regarding the future president of USA.

There are people who are very hopeful that finally, somebody who is a USA president would recognise what really happened in former Yugoslavia that led to civil war and much suffering. Many hope that Kosovo would not be seen as independent state but as part of Serbia it has been for many centuries.

Mr Trump is not shy to recognise jihad. Serbs do know about jihad and the horrid consequences for them. We do not know if Mr trump was informed about the pacts made between Catholic Church and Islamic leaders decades before and some since civil war in Yugoslavia on mutual cooperation. Before the pacts were signed emissaries established common ground:

a) their position regarding women (yes, the troublesome majority of people)
b) homosexuality
c) contraception.

No wonder Catholic church is sceptical of Donald Trump. He wants to make things better but as one Catholic bishop said poverty and misery is good for church. Lots of children means poverty and all sorts of problems for the states with large young populations. But young are brave and make the type of soldiers that adults do not. Some acquire wealth through wars but not necessarily children who fight in them.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016



Judges are there to interpret the law in the cases before them. This does mean that there are almost always people who are losers and how they cope with that differs. Some get angry (while denying fear of their perceived inferiority). There are those who want instant gratification, like psychopaths who may be attracted to positions of power such as in Parliament, doctors' surgery, business firms or law firms. Reading the judgement takes time and it delays instant gratification. Thinking also takes time. Considering other people also requires various brain centres to be functioning such as those psychopaths have in smaller sizes. 
Liberal elite is the term given in frustration of not being of the thinking kind. It is accepted that some people are slower than others and need more time to think things through. And where can one find such people? And is it not true that British people have been lied to and they still failed to remove from power those who lied to them? The judgement is not for or against BREXIT but about due process.
Governments do break laws as do their institutions. This happens for a variety of reasons, sometimes it is due to the desire to be popular. Newspapers need to be popular so people would buy them. One can whip up hatred against the vulnerable (such as foreigners or minority) and use vulnerable people (not so smart ones) to be the agents of the hate. BREXIT is something that psychonalysts would have no trouble dissecting. What is interesting is how one deals with terrified people. That to some extent depends on how much they would agree to the necessary measures. But a member of public is not in a therapeutic relationship and neither are most politicians. Most people in UK are blessed with free libraries and Internet but that requires recognition of fear in the first place before one can act on it i.e. be responsible and search for the clever ways of dealing with one's anxiety.

STEP 1: Oh,I recognize that feeling: I am afraid. I do not like it
STEP 2: I am not rubbish. I can cope. I shall face up to it
STEP 3: How could I break it into smaller manageable steps

The path to responsibility i.e. the ability to respond does involve recognition of one's feelings and needs. The process of victimisation, as here of the judges, is classic in that both feelings and needs are disregarded by the perpetrators. If one realised one is afraid it is not something that cannot be dealt with, but some people are too ashamed to admit it to themselves and instead react with hostility. If one has poor self-esteem one is less likely to have the strength to admit they made a mistake. Needs relevant here are so many:
need for self-respect
need for good reputation
need of economic nature
need for fairness and justice as in society in which we live. There has to be perception of this as well.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

BREXIT judgement - Conscientious Citizen Gina Miller wins

Gina Miller
Photo: BBC

Well reasoned judgement which stops government from doing much damage to the country:

UK, even with laws prohibiting various crimes (such as racially motivated ones), managed to get away many times due to European institution's(s) laxity i.e. being partial to UK administration.

Following BREXIT referendum where majority of those who voted were against staying in European Union, vulnerable (Europeans) people suffered even more discrimination. Some people were simply killed. Many harassed and damaged in various ways. Europeans of all colours did notice the change in the air. And, yes, there are always some who are in denial.

EU laws provided tiny breaks on nasty people and going forward with Brexit without reference to Parliament would mean laws based on EU laws would be eliminated. Just like that. No discussion of the implications. It took many, many years before British thought about making anti-corruption laws. Yes, government signs a declaration but then leaves it at that.

Human rights as natural instinct of British? Is there any such evidence in people after years of  being subjected to education (for example, religious indoctrination in schools and outside) that eliminates normal sense of justice, accountability and equality as well as being subjected to the agents of the state who fail to enforce the law as they should. See, for example, just what courts did to whistleblowers in UK if you are interested in freedom of speech.

Well, today, there is some hope that at least a number of people are healthy enough in body and mind to fight back nastiness. It is not just one party that changes the law, it is Parliament.

And can one have free market to oneself without others agreeing? No.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

European Commissioner exposed in Bahamas leak of offshore company directorship

Oh, well. It would not be news for many who knew of corruption at the EU Commission:

Here is EC policy on corruption:

The failure to declare directorship of the company mirrors UK regulator's failure to hold doctors responsible when they fail to declare relevant directorships or committee memberships. No, there is no competition anywhere on incompetence and wilful blindness.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalism has performed a major operation in publishing names of almost two hundred thousand Bahamas based companies with directorships from politicians all over the world in some of those companies. While Consortium claims the company membership is legal and in some cases justified needless to say, questions will be asked by many.

To search data base by the name of person click on the link below:

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Burkini is offensive to men

Image result for burkini free photoThere has been a wave of provocations all over the world by, so called, religious clothes. Muslim women burkini wearers in the photo above in south of France are one of the examples.

Politicians have expressed their outrage in some parts of the world while in others exactly the opposite happened. For example, in United Kingdom police were expected to protect and defend the indefensible - not the first, or the last time for poor British police. Police were sent to guard burkini wearers sampling cold North Irish sea:

A PSNI officer accompanies Syrian refugee Bayan Khelo (left) and Lilian Seenoi ofThe North West Migrants Forum
 while French police had the opposite task to remove them from the beach:
Tensions have risen in the area since the Bastille Day attack in July
What is burkini?

Burkini is an outfit for women to wear at the beach, or for swimming. It is ugly, uncomfortable and anything but modest as proclaimed by some as the reason for its creation.

Burkini is about some kind of moral superiority of modesty. Except, that it is unacceptable as such. If you are modest you do not go to the world to boast about it. Also as you can see from the photographs the burkini does show the body shape. It draws attention.

While feminist politicians are right that  burkini is expression of women's oppression there is also another element, offensive message to men:  beasts who cannot control themselves. The facts are that billions of men do control themselves.

Physical attacks are now occurring in Europe by Muslim gangs on men, women and children. Gang of women attacked a French woman sunbathing in her bikini in a French park. Adults and children were attacked in a nudist swimming pool by a gang of men in Germany. Many German women were sexually harassed by groups of men.

Fashion changed over time for men and women. Sometimes severe punishments were used on men for wearing the different cut of suit or even colour of civilian dress. Women were attacked too for ridiculous exposure of arm, ankle etc. Oppression of non Muslim origin is old, sometimes no longer existing. However, there are Christian sects which also have strict rules for their people: Amish, for example.

Violence can arise out of denied feelings of inferiority. Many people would look down on migrants, or with suspicion as if to say: they came here for the better life, we are superior. The actual circumstances of immigrants vary and while there may be those who came for improved material standard of living there is a denial of cultural values society aspires to such as equality of opportunity for both sexes and freedom of expression which is non abusive in nature.

There are some immigrants who are reluctant immigrants. They never wanted to live in a foreign country. Their dependency on new country can be hostile and destructive.

Among the reluctant immigrants there are those who adapt very well and make great contribution to culture without any wish to be enslaved (or to enslave others) by religious dogma or religious dress. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

European Court of Justice and religious wear

Finally, after so many deaths in so many countries, a Belgian Court has referred to European Court of Justice for the court's opinion on religious wear at place of work and legal interpretation was given by Advocate General Kokott of the European Court of Justice to Belgian court in a case involving a Muslim's religious wear but it applies across all religions.

religious clothing: View of female muslim in the office Stock Photo

Please, read report in Daily Mail:

And in full, the opinion of the Advocate General Kokott with references to other legal cases:

For many years some UK lawyers have pretended there was nothing for them to do when in fact there was. When asked by potential client if they could act in the case of religious uniforms some refused to answer the calls or even acknowledge them. Others just took the money to advise no legal action is the best way.

It is British lawyers who refused to ask the British courts to refer to European Court of Justice for the opinion i.e. interpretation of the law. The Treaty on The Functioning of the European Union provides for this. Court can refuse to do it and that is where there is a difficulty for some applicants.

Despite the increased number of deaths associated with the wearing of religious uniforms Department of Health refused to form national policy on work wear exposing patients to deaths and doctors to serious harm: reputational damage, financial as well as social disasters followed.

Of course, European Court of Justice is right: employees may expect that expression of religion needs to be moderated at the place of work and without discrimination.

General Medical Council in UK refused to act in the interests of patients in the matter of religious uniforms. The disciplinary procedures concentrated on the offence taken by the religious not on the public duty to putting patients first. Doctors who raised the issue were hounded to present day with the aim of excluding them from the workforce altogether.

Department of Health has right arm NCAS who even went as far as inventing complaints against doctors who made no clinical errors. They urged innocent doctors to be referred to General Medical Council's disciplinary procedures as a way of protecting fearful politicians and administrators.

GMC even published false information before the disciplinary hearing claiming a doctor did not act in the interest of patients when in fact they already found themselves that there were no clinical errors made by that doctor. Misinformation went unpunished as far as Doctors4Justice is aware.

General Medical Council at one point had a guidance on religious beliefs issued to doctors where Islamic veil was prohibited following campaigning by Conservative MP, but approved of  nun's habit in a systematic religiously biased trial when they repeatedly appointed religious extremists to the disciplinary panels, or plain religious workers in case where religious dress was an issue, The rules of natural justice were also broken by allowing the governing body member to sit on disciplinary panel.

When this discrimination was pointed to GMC by Doctors4Justice, GMC then decided not to prohibit anything in religious wear no matter how many patients died as a result of not being able to trust health and social care workers who wore religious uniforms regardless of unwritten rules in NHS practises. Just like Belgian company G4S whose employee sued them. They, too, initially had unwritten code of dress. Neutrality is important to global company as it would be in health sector in UK.

General Medical Council reappointed a panellist, a Medical Director in a psychiatric hospital, who was directly linked to persecution of an innocent doctor who objected to religious uniforms despite extensive evidence of wrongdoing by the religious worker and his own wrongdoing. Three times reappointed by GMC to judge other poor doctors!!! He also inspected Broadmoor Hospital as a Mental Health Act Commissioner when Jimmy Saville from BBC was abusing children and adults and was given the keys to the hospital wards as a hospital director. He did nothing about this, i.e. an unqualified person being given access to the vulnerable patients, of course. BBC did report on him on that issue in recent times. Again GMC did nothing to investigate as far as Doctors4Justice knows.

Instead, GMC issued a general statement that GMC is different from how it used to be in that some things could never happen again in disciplinary proceedings when it comes to the protection of paedophile doctors at the expense of patients. No comment was made by General Medical Council how they protect paedophile clergy of various religions by colluding in making it harder for patients to trust the service providers who indulge in religious bias and who ignore the human rights as granted by European Union.

Some British lawyers may indulge in calling UK a Christian country but British people think differently and most are not religious. The national identity is, in reality, different from what institutionalised men may perceive and wish for. And, of course, most religious people themselves prefer justice for all which is best provided by neutrality and equality in that.

Watch the film Spotlight on how institutions colluded in USA to cover up abuse by clergy. Available in supermarkets in UK and on Amazon (very fast delivery).

religious clothing: Young nun in religious concept

Friday, 22 April 2016

Judge Hall a breath of fresh air in the corridors of justice, a number of newspapers and Internet websites reported on the case judged by Judge Jonathan Durham Hall in Bradford where a victim of abuse let down by the legal system was treated fairly after she almost killed her abuser. Click on the photograph to read an article in Telegraph.
It is touching to see the justice done in UK. The judge even offered to pay her court fee if the victims was forced to do it.
UK government at present is showing some compassion as PM expected. We hope Judge Hall is treated fairly too in the future because outstanding characters get attacked by social pests even professional ones.
There are victims who do not live any longer and some of them were judges. One was Esther Lynn Cunningham, a victim of one of her teachers. She drunk to forget. Her behaviour in court and at General Medical Council was not understood by her colleagues who punished her instead of helping her.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dr Morris Fraser paedophile dedication to John Holmstrom BBCR3 paedophile in his book Death of Narcissus

Photo from Marlowe Society Cambridge Shakespeare's Twelwth Night where John Holmstrom was Sir Aguecheek, a fool with a garish sense of dress

Dr Morris Fraser, a founding member of Paedophile Information Exchange dedicated his book to John Holmstrom, an ex BBCR3 broadcaster. Amazon delivered Death of Narcissus with Dr Morris dedication to John Holmstrom "With best wishes Morris". Read on the link below on the journalists findings on John Holmstrom, yet another BBC paedophile, a member of Paedophile Information Exchange.

John Holmstrom wrote a book The Moving Picture Boy Encyclopaedia where the book is described:

John Holmstrom, the literary editor of the Royal Shakespeare Company and a governor of the British Film Institute, spent decades travelling the world to research and write the universally acclaimed book The Moving Picture Boy Encyclopaedia. In doing so he assembled a photographic archive that is, of its kind, without equal in Great Britain. Film historian Paul Sutton showcases hundreds of photographs and posters from the collection, around which he writes a history of this rare part of cinema. Many of the photographs have never before been published. In addition to the stills and posters, the book includes a delightful 67-page scrapbook of Holmstrom's newspaper and magazine cuttings from around the world; and a selection of letters to Holmstrom from former boy actors in Britain, Italy, France, Germany, America, India and Hungary.

John Holmstrom had a number of fashion shops for boys, including Colts in Hampstead, London

A British merchant reports, "In 1965 I started in Hampstead, London, a shop called "Colts," which offered a selection of "the world's best casual clothing" for boys of school age. Colts catered solely for boys' leisure wear, largely imported from France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and the United States. The introduction to our catalog declared: `We're noted for the brilliance and sophistication of our sports shirts, the sumptuous variety of our corduroys, the tough-ness of our jeans, and the shortness of our shorts. The Continent shows us that school-boys don't have to be Just Williams or bedraggled grey mice; they can be quite shapely animals if their clothes give them half a chance'." The catalog shows a range of stylish clothes that were becoming popular in England, including cord jackets, bright polo-shirts, jeans, and suits with mod and traditional styling. There was even an American-style baseball cap--at the time quite novel in England. Colts operated in England between 1965 and 1975, with branches in Hampstead (London), Richmond (Surrey), Guildford, Chester, Bath, Reading, and Brighton. Colts did not do general outfitting and no school or formal clothes, they indicated, however, that "... most of our casuals are elegant enough to hold their own in any company."

In psychoanalysis horse has been interpreted as representing sexuality and one wonders if any of the local analysts worked it out. Did any abuse occurred in these shops?