Tuesday, 9 February 2010

LAWYERS AND CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

I was shocked to discover that in UK lawyers do not have to do more than 16 hours of CPD per year and that in some countries there is no compulsory CPD at all. So if the lawyers are living in the darkness like mushrooms, is it really good for them or the public?

While some lawyers have managed to defend themselves as not having a prescribed form like doctors, I think, 16 hours a year is a joke.

It is a bit like keeping women uneducated for centuries, except that today's lawyers have at least one university degree.

And as if memory was not an exponential decay curve.
I predict that this will change and that in the future lawyers will have at least 40 hours of CPD per year.
Psychiatrists in UK have at least 170 hours of CPD per year and not because we are mad.

Afterall the less one knows the more one is likely to be abused and used. Click on this link and watch.


Anonymous said...


1. Lawyers never read
2. Lawyers are essentially dim
3. Lawyers are unable to work hard
4. Lawyers are paid for breathing.

Why on earth would CPDs assist them?


Anonymous said...

Well, I think they read a lot, but not very nice things at times, if not every day. Maybe it puts them off a bit.
They probably do more work than they give themselves credit for. Such as case law searches.
It is just that they are a bit disorganized with respect to CPD and behind the medical profession in that aspect of organization.
I do not think lawyers are dim or lazy.