Tuesday, 15 June 2010

UK in breach of Human Rights of UK prisoners and doctors by Dr Helen Bright

Doctors are also suffering from human rights breaches as Medical Act 1983 is incompatible with Article 6 of European Convention of Human Rights. Some Statutory Instruments are also rather grotesque such as SI 2004 No 2611. There are a number of problems if you look at section 7 where any defect in the appointment of a panellist does not invalidate disciplinary hearings. Some may not have been appointed at all. In fact, anyone could be dragged from the gutter and judge doctors in UK and it would be legal according to UK law as intepreted by the General Medical Council. No need for votes or appointment system, it would appear.
There should be an application in High Court to declare incompatibility with Human Rights and if it fails one could seek remedy in European Court while making sure one also lives a very long and healthy life to see the effects of one's efforts.

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