Saturday, 19 March 2011

Judge Luigi Tosti dismissed over crucifix in court

Judge Luigi Tosti has been dismissed from his job because he refused to sit in a court with a crucifix. He said his objection is based on secular constitution of the country in the first place.

He wrote this to Mark Alan Di Martino:

Thank you all for your solidarity and support. I’m an atheist. At first I placed the symbol of the UAAR (Italian Union of Atheist and Agnostic Rationalists) next to the crucifix, claiming as an atheist the same rights as Catholics. This symbol was immediately removed because it was deemed offensive to Catholic sensibilities. Later I asked permission to place a menorah next to the crucifix as a reminder of pope Ratzinger’s words, which assert Europe’s “Judeo-Christian” roots. I did this because I know that Catholics are racist hypocrites and they’d never have allowed a Jewish symbol to be placed by the crucifix. And, in effect, I was right, because I was denied even this. Evidently, this is because the menorah, too, offends the sensibilities of the “superior” Catholics.

Luigi Tosti's battle with the authorities has been a long one. Italian constitution is secular but there are regulations incompatible with that constitutional aim such as regulations demand for crucifixes in courts and other public places (schools). Constitutional court refused to address incompatibility saying in case of crucifixes in court that it is not their job as regulation is not law. There is of course, Italian Parliament but for some reason these men are not willing to concentrate their minds on the problem.

It is rather oppressive just to see the judge in this situation. This kind of behavior does occur when the tyranny of a regime is under threat.

But also one has to ask why have not all his colleagues gone on strike to support him.

We are not impressed with Italians leaving a colleague stranded like this.

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Anonymous said...

When was the last time a doctor colleague is supported by fellow doctors in the U.K ?

As long as we have a monopolistic trade union , monopoly medical council, oligopoly medical defence organisations we do not get support in the medical profession.Shame to be a doctor.