Saturday, 19 March 2011


Secularism has lost and theocracy has won as the previous European Court of Human Rights judgment in Lautsi v Italy case has been overruled by Grand Chamber of the same court.

Please, click on the image to read more. And HERE to read the judgment. You will note this case was brought up by a mother for the benefit of her two children, that European Court permitted intervention of 33 states in this case and that she had one lawyer!!

So is this about overwhelming numbers then? Well, it just shows you how important this woman's actions have been that thirty three states felt so threatened by her. My heart goes out to her and her lawyer.

Well , the judgment is final but human evolution is not.

What Italian people and others need to do is to choose the politicians who truly represent their values. We do know who represents Italy and all the other countries as this is public knowledge.

So good people of Europe will rise up against this oppression by their state apparatus.

The court judgment today is one gone tomorrow. There are countries who have freed themselves of religion in the classroom.

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