Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Canadian Judge Rules Marijuana Rules Unconstitutional

Medical marijuana activist, Matt Mernagh won his case in Canada when Justice Donald Taliano declared that current laws are unconstitutional and need amending.

This may have wider implications for marijuana users and doctors who refused to prescribe it for medical reasons when requested to do so even for conditions where there is evidence that it could be beneficial.

Many psychiatrists would despair at this decision knowing that cannabis may precipitate psychotic episodes in more vulnerable patients. However, it is not a simple matter at all as some bipolar patients have claimed it actually helps them and have been taking hemp seed oil.

Please, click on the photograph to read more about the case.

Medicinal use of Cannabis remains controversial in many parts of the world. Read HERE for more information on medicinal uses.


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Anonymous said...

I have been using marijuana since I was 19. I am now 64 and never needed surgery... I do have arthritis and fibromyalgia and I'd rather smoke weed than take prescription pain killers from Big Pharma. I find it works better for me. New studies have also proved that it is good to prevent cancer.