Sunday, 29 May 2011

General Medical Council and Blond doctor with a Brain

Recently, GMC Fitness to Practice has reviewed
conditions on doctor's practice. It became apparent that doctor although blond had brains. In order to send a clear message to medical profession GMC decided to erase doctor from medical register.

Meanwhile, BMA's Ethnic face of the Day, Professor S was busy making statement on ethnicity of doctors and unfairness of GMC decisions having never helped when asked on numerous occasions.

Professor S from BMA supported previous Chief Medical Officer who led onslaught on locum doctors the majority of whom are of minority ethnic origin.

Now GMC has Brown Sahibs at its disposal to act in the final stages of constructive erasure of women and men of ethnic minority groups so why would BMA complain about this form of racism? They could not manages even simpler forms of racism.

After spending 841K on research into ethnicity GMC will spend more next year.

Translation: Madam, all of us understand you, but have you got a referral?

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